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Tupelo & New Albany Districts Chat and Chew

March 12 2023

Bishop Sharma D. Lewis, episcopal leader of the Mississippi Area, spent time with clergy and laity on Saturday, March 4 at the Tupelo & New Albany Districts Chat and Chew. Clergy and laity had a chance to hear directly from Bishop Lewis and were able to ask her questions. As Bishop Lewis stated on the Mississippi Annual Conference website, “I cannot learn and know the people of Mississippi from my office, so I wanted to come here and tour Mississippi,” said Lewis. “I am a firm believer that vision cannot just be cast by a leader. The leader has to listen to people—the boots on the ground, the laity and the clergy—and then from there, vision can be birthed.”
Thank you to Tupelo First United Methodist Church for serving as hosts for our event! We look forward to working together with Bishop Lewis and the clergy & laity across the Mississippi Annual Conference.